Using Phone Conferencing Can Reduce Businesses Carbon Footprint

Would you like to know how to save money, improve efficiency and gain green credentials? There is an opportunity to obtain all three by switching from traditional face-to-face meetings to conference calling.
During the current fragile economy businesses have to keep a tight rein on their finances so by using phone conference technology, as opposed to travelling to meetings businesses can make huge cost savings. The amount saved will depend on how often employees travel and the distances that they travel to meet customers and potential clients.There is a huge awareness of the damage that humans are causing to the environment from our CO2 emissions. Everyone wants to reduce their impact on the planet therefore consumers are seeking out environmentally friendly businesses since it shows they hold similar values. By implementing telephone conference calling when meetings are unnecessary, businesses can show their commitment to the environment.Reducing the businesses need to send employees to meetings gives them more time to work on other projects as well as reducing their impact from taking multiple flights, trains and other forms of commuting. It is most certainly likely to improve the energy levels of employees too if they don’t have to commute as much too.As internet speeds continue to improve and become cheaper then teleconferencing is likely to continue to increase in popularity. To avoid being left behind businesses should look at incorporating phone conference services as soon as possible, allowing them to not only reduce costs but to move them to onto other tasks and allow the business to market its green credentials. Plus the efficiency gains not only from less travelling but with the speed of e-mail means less time spend on administrative duties.